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I aspire  to compose images that communicate from my spirit to yours: for that, I believe, is the essence of art.

Painting? with Math?


Is it created on a computer? Yes.  Is it computer-generated?  Not so much.  Fractal Art is a unique medium where the starting point for a composition is fractal geometry. 


The ‘fractal’ in Fractal Art comes from fractal geometry, a branch of mathematics that models the forms and textures we see in nature: organic shapes like clouds and trees, patterns of growth, turbulence (nee seemingly chaotic patterns), and spiral forms to name a few.


Using software specifically designed for this artform I begin with the selection of a formula and the tuning of any and all of its parameters. For example; the shape and texture of a cloud can be modeled by a fractal equation so by working with the same equation I can create and manipulate a cloud-like element for my image.

Each element in my compositions is created individually. Throughout the process; layers, coloring, and parameters are; added, removed, merged, replaced, or revised. These different elements are blended together to create my final composition.

My ‘original’ is actually the formulas and parameters that describe the image. I then have the software calculate the precise color of each pixel and create a graphics file for printing.


All of my compositions begin life in my imagination and are extensions of it.  Often I start with a preconceived notion of what I want to communicate through a piece.  [Un]Fortunately, in this collaborative process the piece often decides to develop a life and meaning of its own. And then, of course, some are just for fun!



There's a ton of information on the web as to what 'Fractal Art' is so here are a couple of excellent links if you're interested.

E-mail for more information.  These are all signed and numbered Limited Edition prints.





This is my Fractal'scapes section.   For more 'fractally' fractals please scroll down some.  My landscape'ish pieces, to me and I hope

to you, just FEEL natural and right.  Recognizable..maybe. Real...not a chance.  I hope that, for the most part, when you need an

escape you will find it here.  From my imagination to yours.  Enjoy the trip.

My signed and numbered Limited Edition Fractal Art prints are for sale. Unframed ~11x18'ish prints are US$35.  (Shipping not included but is generally in the 5 dollar range)


I have started having some printed on metal.  Currently available;  Whoa and Water Study.  Size 20x30.  US$195 plus shipping.


They can also be custom printed to ANY size with no lose of resolution. 

Please contact me at for more information.



The more abstract fractals

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