Intarsia Pet Portraits

If you would like to have a pet portrait done, the way it works is as follows... I will need a good, clear photograph, high resolution of your pet, preferably by e-mail - but regular mail works too and a $100 deposit. If by e-mail, I need a larger, high resolution image to print. If you have an 8x10 it is best, but I can blow it up if the quality is good. Deposits can be check, money order, paypal, VISA or  MasterCard. Make sure the photo shows good detail of the face. 




I create a pattern from the photograph, either just the face or entire body-whichever  you prefer the piece to be.  Once I make a pattern, I'll e-mail it to you for approval. It's hard to visualize what the final piece will look like from the pattern, but it gives you a good idea. Once I start the piece, I will send you  progress photographs as I go so you can have a photo record of the step by step progress. This also lets you see the project come to life and make sure it is exactly how it needs to be! 


Balance of payment is due when project is finished plus any shipping charges.

Price will depend on the amount of detail in the pattern and size.  The more detail I incorporate, the more it will look like your pet. 

On average, the cost of a pet portrait starts around $600-$700 and goes up from there.  It totally depends on the piece.  I will try to design a pattern to fit your budget needs.   It can be a profile, full face or entire body. The choice is entirely up to you!

I'm pretty fussy about my work and need to be satisfied with it. An Intarsia portait is a wonderful memorial and it is something that will be truly your pet.  This is why I love doing them so much, because they are personal and unique. The reward of doing these, for me, is the best part of it all.  I spend time choosing the wood, making sure the grain direction and wood type suit the piece. Of course, I am limited to the colors of natural wood, but there is quite a good range of woods to work with.  If requested, I can use stain to achieve a specific color, but I prefer not to.  


I work with you every step of the way to ensure that the portrait you receive is what you want and is a lasting tribute to your beloved pet.  

Please e-mail me at with any question or if you are interested in having a pet portrait created.


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