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Artist Statement from Janette                                                                              
“When I create an intarsia for someone, I strive to create something meaningful and personal to them. Whether a portrait of a beloved pet or a landscape of someplace that holds a special meaning, these custom pieces challenge me to bring to life in wood, a part of their life that is important to them.  This, I find is the most rewarding aspect of what I do.  When my art work brings happiness to someone - it is the best reason I can think of to create it.”


Here are a few of my favorites.  If you'd like me to create any of these or my other pieces just for you please let me know.

My own design - Columbine Flower is featured in ScrollSaw Woodworking & Crafts Summer 2012 



This fish seascape was featured in the Summer 2013 ScrollSaw Woodworking & Crafts magazine.



Dragon #1 My first dragon - just because I felt like creating something a little different. This piece sold quickly. Can I create one for you?



Dragon #2. Beautiful iridescent selection of curly maple, figured redwood and lacewood highlight this amazing piece.



Playful Maine Coon



Harvest Moon. Amazing Bruce Worthington design. This is the ORIGINAL piece featured in the Fall 2013 Creative Woodworks & Crafts Magazine. The photo doesn't do it justice as there is a great deal of depth in this piece.



These adorable little guys never even made it up for sale. Bruce Worthington designed it and his wife put dibs on it immediately!  Featured in Summer Creative Woodworks & Crafts Magazine.  I can make one just for you!



A Bit of a Bio.

Janette Square is an accomplished, internationally recognized intarsia artist who, after living in Eugene, Oregon for 20 years now resides in Yachats on the Oregon coast. She began using wood as an artistic medium around 1999. The natural color and grain of wood is the perfect medium for creating colorful and realistic pieces based on nature. She has a unique gift of being able to create, from a photograph - first a pattern, then a finished piece of intarsia artwork. Custom pieces, including pet portraits are her specialty.  She has created custom pieces for people worldwide.  Self taught, Janette has the ability to capture an animal’s personality and expression in wood.  While some of her pieces are made from commercially available patterns, many are her own designs.  
She is a regular contributor to  international scroll saw magazine,  Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts and previously, Creative Woodworks and Crafts before they closed.  Several of her pieces have been chosen to be featured on their covers as well.  Janette is also a moderator for an Intarsia Yahoo group as well as Scroll Saw Woodworking magazine’s online forum for scroll saw artists. She enjoys encouraging others and teaching them by sharing her expertise within the groups, giving others confidence and improving their own skills.  
In 2006, one of her custom pieces received both “Best In Show” and “People’s Choice” awards at the Rhododendron Festival’s annual art show in Florence, Oregon.  The same piece was selected by Woodcraft Magazine in March of 2007 from over 300 entries for their intarsia contest.  In 2005, Janette received an honorable mention in Scroll Saw Wood-working & Crafts Magazine’s design contest as well as being a finalist in the 2008 event.    In 2004, Janette was interviewed by KVAL news in Eugene and demonstrated her work for a segment of the newscast.  She is recognized as one of the premier Intarsia Artists by her peers.

Starting with a pattern, Janette selects the types of woods she will use in a project.  The color and grain selection of the wood is an important first step. Each piece is first cut out with a scroll saw, then shaped and sanded utilizing several types of sanding and carving tools depending on the desired results.  Once each piece has been shaped, they are all glued together and several coats of a clear satin finish is applied to protect and enhance the natural colors of the wood. No stains are ever used and the only paint used is a highlight dot in the eye of her animals.  This highlight brings the piece to life.  The project is then glued to a backing for added strength.  Each finished project is numbered and signed by the artist.  She also lists the woods used to create the piece on the back.

And now for something completely different.

Shadow - my little "Mommy's Boy" is a sweet, shy solid black Maine Coon boy.  He's VERY selective with who he allows to see him!  Most think he's just a ghost cat we made up

Here's Princess. She likes to "help" me in the office with just about everything!  She's especially good at assisting when I'm working on the computer.

Peaches is our youngest boy. He is a Cameo Mackeral Tabby Maine Coon. Closing in on 20 KNOW when he lands in  your lap!  He's such a sweetie - everyone falls in love with him!



Zeke, my "big-boy" Maine Coon. He kept an eye on everything! We had a special "Coon Size" jumbo kitty hive made just for him!  Sadly we lost Zeke on May 17, 2013. He was a good boy and a sweet heart to the end. Rest in Peace my baby!

Here is Boo, the office manager after a long day! She's a Blue Silver Maine Coon. She's only 8 pounds but she rules the roost!



Princess enjoying her  Kitty Hive.
For more info on the Kitty Hive, please
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